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Reasons Why There Should Be Effective Measures to Ensure Elephants Are Safe

In the recent past if you keen you will note that there has been a big difference in the number of elephants at present and the ones that existed in the past. As a result, the elephant as animals in the ecosystem has been added in the list of the animal species that is in the danger of being extinct shortly. The main reason that is making most of the elephants to be killed dis t get the tusks from them and sell them to gain some cash. Now the people who are doing the poaching of the elephants are big people, this has made it hard for the elephant poaching to be stopped. If you check it out you will see that elephants are one of the big five animals in the country. Hence there it very advisable to put all the required efforts to ensure that the elephants are protected from the poachers. Now, in this new century there have been many organisations that are not government based which have come to help in ensuring that the elephants do not come to extinction. Also there are also various people who have taken the responsibility of broadcasting the importance of having the elephants in the ecosystem. Following are various reasons supporting why people, government and other organisation should make an effort in ensuring that the elephants are safe from the poachers.

It has been a common thing for the government to rely on the income that will be generated from the tourism sector as it is reasonable at most of the time. Usually, the revenue from the tourism area is foreign income. Usually, in an area where there are elephants the level of tourists will at most of the time be high as compared to the place where there are no elephants. Now with the ongoing poaching of the elephants, there is a high risk that the elephants will be out of the ecosystem after a short period. In the long run, this means that the number of tourists will decrease which will, in turn, lower the level of foreign income. With a low level of foreign income this will have a negative effect when trading with foreign nations. It is therefore very crucial to at all the time make the necessary efforts to ensure that the elephants are protected.

In most cases, elephants are helpful when it comes to seed dispersal. At the end, such plant species do not go in destruction. Usually, the plant seed dispersal process have a positive impact on people. Hence there is the need to ensure that you have the poachers who endanger the lives of the elephants taken care of effectively.

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