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Things to Consider When Replacing a Heat Pump

Although replacing a heat pump is an expensive and energy-consuming job, it is a must do project especially if you know the benefits that come along with it. Anyway as any other product the heat pump is also liable to damage especially if it has served long. Before embarking on your replacement project, there are a number of facts that you must have at the back of your mind like space and size of the replacement.

Being in the know of the size of the heat pump you need will be of substantial help. The size of the replacement should be directly proportional to the house that you have in place. You wouldn’t want to buy a replacement that is too small or too big to accomplish your aim. Althought the contractor will do the estimations for you being in the know of the size will place you in a good stead. 400 square feet sized area needs about one ton of a heat pump. Doing the math and will give you an almost exact estimation you need without necessarily involving a contractor. Replacing with a pump that is too large for your home will cause it to turn on and off many times hence wearing out.

A good insulation will be of great help by making sure that the replacement is much smaller. If you reside in the places with adversely cold weather, you can consider double pane windows and subfloors. Air being a poor conductor of air will be a good conserver of heat energy and make sure much of the heat is retained. This will go ahead in saving the money you were to spend on a heat pump, energy bills and also on paying your electricity provider.

Pumps that have two-speed compressors or a dual fuel system area great consideration and thought to go by. This help the pump stand the test of time and operate even in the coldest seasons. The lesser the strains that you are likely to put it into, the more the prolonged life spun the heat pump will give you. Rather than warming the house in its entirety you can opt to use zone heating and warm selected areas only.

You might also think about the option of repairing instead of replacing the whole unit. Replacing a whole unit is expensive in its own right and can leave a considerable dent to your finances. While cheap is expensive, if in at the end repairing it will be cost effective then you can choose to repair the heat pump. It is also good to note that newer heat pumps are more energy efficient and do not consume a lot of power as compared to the older pumps.

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