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How to Determine the Best Automotive Ceramic Coating

Buffing and waxing a vehicle after hand-washing it is the traditional way of protecting the paint against scratches from dirt, debris, or a runaway shopping cart. It also protects against corrosion from rain, snow, salt placed on the roads when the weather is icy, and excessive winds. The process is slow and labor intensive, but most vehicle owners think it is worth it to keep the car or truck looking great and lasting longer.

A Car Wash

Bringing the vehicle through an ordinary car wash is fast, easy, convenient, and inexpensive. The result is not as thorough as washing it by hand, but many people do not have, or prefer not to take, the time to wash it themselves. Not everyone is a car fanatic and most people only view the vehicle as transportation and not an extension of themselves or their personality. Taking it to the car wash will not give it that glossy shine, but it will get the dirt off.

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are newer products that offer better protection for the paint. The shine cannot be compared to a well waxed and buffed vehicle. It creates a glass-like appearance that is changing the way some people feel about presentation and style. Nano-technology is utilizes to protect the surface against grime, dirt, scratches, thermal damage, erosion, bacteria, and oxidation.

The coating is easy to apply after the vehicle has been hand washed and dried. Hand washing is recommended because more dirt and residue is removed. The chemicals and detergents used at a car wash leave residue that can be sealed in between the paint and the coating. Since ceramic coatings are new, it is difficult to determine which is the best one.

Detailing Shops and Websites

Among reputable detail shops and on many websites that specialize in vehicle products, the best automotive ceramic coating out of the gate appears to be Mr. Fix Ceramic Car Coating. The product comes complete with the product, detailed instructions for application, and a special sponge for evenly coating the exterior surfaces. Customers who frequent a detailing business will want to get a recommendation from the professionals who have tried a few brands of this new paint protection.