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The Truth About Naming A Star

We’ve looked up at the night sky and wondered about the constellations, and the heavenly bodies nestled brightly in the darkness. There is an innate wonder for all things unknown inside of us human beings. An iconic scene from the iconic movie “A Walk To Remember” that people have always loved is when Landon purchased a star and named it after Jamie. So if you want to recreate that scene, we’ll tell you how in this article.

It is the kind of gift that will fill you with childlike wonder and awe, no matter how old you are. You can purchase a star and name it after your loved one, or a family member that has already passed, or the pet that was your closest friend in all of your childhood years. The entire ordeal of buying this product gives you the ultimate experience by presenting you with a certificate, a star map, and all of that.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who tarnish something as sweet as buying a star. We know of six companies that trick you into believing you can actually purchase the rights to a star. Well, the hard truth is that no commercial company has the power to name stars. These companies are experts at it, seeing exactly how to make you justify your purchase by adding in official-looking freebies. The price makes it affordable and believable too, with a range of $40-$60.

You might think that there is no harm in what they’re doing, but the thing is, they should’ve created a disclaimer that informed customers that they have no power nor authority to have a star named after anyone. Of all the people and companies out there who claim to have the power to name stars, the only one officially recognized is the International Astronomical Union and no, they do not sell stars. The unofficial companies that sell stars cannot give you straight answers and truths like the ones I’ve given you here, and even find a loophole through making information so tiny that you barely see them at the bottom of the page.

But amongst the rocks, there is a diamond that waits for you. Star Name Registry is the only star naming registry that does not beat around the bush and tells you directly what you are going to receive. They give you detailed information and a wide array of options. You can view here in this link their site and all that they have to offer.

So if you still want to recreate that “A Walk To Remember” moment, then go and purchase a star from a company that tells you the direct truth.

And even though your star names won’t officially be recognized, it is a thoughtful gift nonetheless. So go ahead and purchase a star from this site now!

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